Kristen Miller

Project Designer

(216) 468.5941

Kristen Miller specializes in corporate office and healthcare. Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, she understands concept design, fit plans and office layouts. She also understands that information is key to serving clients, which is why the discovery process is her specialty.

“I start by collecting information – getting an idea of what the client is looking for, their needs, and what the budget is,” she says. “Because we have access to hundreds of manufacturers, there are many potential solutions. Finding the right fit requires asking the right questions, presenting the right product, and working the room.”

For her healthcare clients, she provides added value because of her in-depth understanding of healthcare codes and ADA requirements. Her experience enables her to recommend the right materials, selections, and applications.

Kristen goes above and beyond, often taking clients on showroom tours so that they can see many pieces and get a feel for functionality. She provides detailed specs and documents on every piece. And she knows which products and systems from the many manufacturers e4b works with are best suited for her clients’ needs. When she’s finished, they have a unique, one-of-a-kind design that is specifically tailored to their needs.



“Kristen has a confident, calm demeanor. She knows how to listen to her client and get them what they are looking for. Never have seen her lose her cool, she always stays calm and approaches the situation ready with professional solutions.” - Project Specialist, Aaron Litwinowicz