Lisa Wolf

Account Executive

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Lisa Wolf is a solutions specialist. She knows that discovering the perfect solution – the balance between product value and a fun design process – is key to creating an excellent customer service experience clients expect from e4b. She studies manufacturer’ product updates and knows they are an invaluable resource for guiding customers through the decision-making process.

Since graduating with a degree in Business Administration and Management, Lisa built a 30-year resume of project management experience; specializing in the Healthcare, Corporate, and Higher Education segments. Sometimes called the “Bid Queen” by her co-workers, Lisa is a master of contracts and financials.

Lisa knows that product research and collaborating with team members leads to the most effective solutions. She put those talents to use working on an Advanced Technology Center for a recent higher education project. With a lobby, two floors of offices, work stations and lounge areas to furnish, there were plenty of challenges to solve. She recalls that the location was an older building and the customer wanted to create a modern workspace with bright colors, sunlight, and collaborative areas that didn’t exist before. “We were very hands-on,” she says. “We discovered unique challenges and were constantly collaborating with the architect and the owner, working through difficult construction timelines.”

The combined team created a smooth installation experience which earned rave reviews from the architect. Most importantly, Lisa says the client was thrilled and enjoyed working with our team. That’s the perfect solution.



"Lisa has great energy. She’s one of the hardest workers I've come across. She is honest, sincere, she has a passion and she cares." - Account Executive, James Reed