Sara Welch

Senior Design Manager

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Sara Welch’s passion for environments began during her days at Kent State University where she was a leader of the Interior Design Student Collaborative and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design.  She has a firm understanding of commercial furniture applications, concept design, fit plans and office layouts.  She believes the key to serving clients is delivering smart designs that not only look good but also feel good. 

“I problem-solve to find the best solution to fit each client’s needs,” she says.  “I like creating spaces that improve the efficiency and aesthetic of the built environment. My goal is to leave a space better than I found it.” 

To get a better space, Sara knows she has to go above and beyond, often taking clients on showroom tours so that they can see many pieces and get a feel for functionality.  She provides detailed specs and documents on every piece.  And she knows which products and systems from the many manufacturers e4b works with that are best suited for her clients’ needs. When she’s finished, they have a unique, one-of-a-kind design that is specifically tailored to their needs.

“I like working on all project types big and small. The unique challenges each project brings is what keeps me loving what I do!”



"Sara is a hard worker who is willing to go the extra mile to meet clients’ needs and expectations. She is organized to a T and her vast knowledge in commercial furniture helps her find and execute the best design solution for her clients. Her six years of experience in the industry and knowledge in CET software makes her a great addition to our design team and I have learned so many things from her, in her time here so far! " - Account Executive, Elise Hamlin

"Sara has helped me through the last year of training. She is extremely knowledgeable of the industry and always has a solution to any problem I run into. Sara is willing to go the extra mile not only for clients, but also their fellow co-workers. She has created a strong community here at e4b and makes working as a team fun." - Project Designer, Amanda Eldridge