Our team is comprised of passionate, detail orientated, problem-solving listeners. We’ve heard feedback that our Project Management is unique because our entire (sales, design, admin, install) team collaborates to ensure success every step of the way.

Our sales team is highly regarded for their ability to step into the project management role with a hands-on approach and commitment to being involved at every stage. In this industry, it is common for each division to hand-off the project once their part is done, specifically, the salesperson will step back and hand-off to the design and administration team. Our sales team starts the initial discussion and stays involved as the primary source of contact, offering guidance and additional strategies for the design team, facilitating all the scheduling and processes between each internal and external party (the admin team, install team, construction team, manufacture, technology team, architect and client), to the very end of install – when they inspect that everything was done properly down to every detail.

Our designers are loaded with the skills, latest software, creativity, and confidence to meet with the client and ask the right questions, discovering desires and needs to match the budget with the right style and products that will look good for decades. They use our manufacture resources to develop the best outcome. Unlike some competitors, who adapt the project to their own style, our design team tailors the experience to match the client’s style. The design team adds that ‘special sauce’ to the e4b experience.

However, the secret ingredient is our detail-orientated, best-in-class administration team, each averaging over 15 years of experience in the industry. Most of our customers are unaware that the biggest challenges arise in delivery, for example, due to a natural disaster, or more commonly construction delays. As hurdles arise, our project team stays on-top of the issue and as a group communicates to resolve the issue, keeping the client informed without adding any stress.

Including the designers and administration in the entire process results in a well-rounded collaboration that ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Although small and lean, this team is resource loaded. Having developed strategic partnerships with Financing experts, Install providers, and Manufacture reps, this team ensures the best, competitive pricing, with no extra costs to the project due to warehouse and installation overhead.

We take pride in our installation partner relationships because we get the best, most competitive pricing while still ensuring an install team is always available and never tied up in another project. This install team is also the same crew for the entire duration, so that your technology/IT team can work hand-in- hand with them intimately and easily.

As you can see, creating this space is so much more than laying out and ordering furniture. All too often, clients expect to briefly meet with a sales member to review a catalog and order a few desks and chairs. But to create the perfect environment, we take EVERYTHING into consideration from the architect’s vibe for the space, to lighting, acoustics, technology, and the nitty-gritty process of install. Our clients enjoy this unique and tailored process that far exceeds their initial expectations. Through our Discuss, Discover, Development, and Delivery, our clients receive a beautiful and functional space that engages and attracts employees with products that stand the test of time.