We Work Harder, Faster, Better. 

We have the perfect formula — our people, products and process.

We’re not the biggest so our award-winning designers work harder and faster in order to provide you with a better end product. And they do, serving you relentlessly until they provide a business environment that fits your personality, suits your needs, and motivates your employees.

We know delivering the right solution is more than delivering furniture. Our team has the skills & creativity to handle any project and overcome the most challenging issues. Each of our designers has a degree in interior design and their experience is your guarantee of excellence.

Our Team

Eileen Baker Eileen Baker Eileen M. Baker
Project Coordinator
Fred Chaney Fred Chaney Fred T. Chaney
Erica Corley Erica Corley Erica Corley
Project Designer
Brian Eichler Brian Eichler Brian F. Eichler
Vice President
Dustin Ellenberger Dustin Ellenberger Dustin Ellenberger
Vice President of Finance
Elise Hamlin Elise Hamlin Elise Hamlin
Project Designer
Janet Lipp Janet Lipp Janet Lipp
Project Coordinator
Aaron Litwinowicz Aaron Litwinowicz Aaron Litwinowicz
Project Specialist
Emily Miltner Emily Miltner Emily Miltner
Design Director
Cara Petkosh Cara Petkosh Cara M. Petkosh
Director of Business Development
James Reed James Reed James Reed
Account Executive
Lisa Wolf Lisa Wolf Lisa Wolf
Account Executive