Brian F. Eichler

Vice President

(330) 294.1382
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Brian Eichler, Vice-President of Business Development for e4b, discovered long ago that strong client relationships are developed through hard work, research, constant communication, and quick response. 

Brian has four decades in the industry and specializes in healthcare. He understands the benefits and features of each product. He knows how to determine which product is right for a particular project and which will be the most durable and cost-effective.

“I’ve worked with one client for over 30 years and have developed a strong relationship with them. They have confidence in me, knowing I’ll recommend the right products, that are priced right and that come with the correct warranties,” he states.

"At e4b, I focus on a handful of manufacturers that have great product offerings and the best warranties in the industry. I have found, by staying in close communication with my clients, I am more attentive to their needs and have deeper insight to determine the right product solutions," he says.“Clients consider me a go-to-guy because of my quick response and turnaround time.  They like e4b because they know what to expect from us, they like our numbers, trust our installs, and know we’re going to be there for them.”

Brian graduated from Ohio University with a BBA in Marketing and Management.  Brian knows that repeat business results from always treating clients right and not making them wait for answers. “I don’t let anything sit, not even for a day. I want the client to know they can count on me and all of us at e4b.”



"Working with Brian has taught me an immeasurable amount about the furniture business.  We are a good team for many reasons.  He knows how to develop the relationship and then he takes a step back to let me do my thing.     We complement each other's working styles. I learn about new products, while he has a diverse knowledge of years of products. We call Brian our 5th honorary designer partly because he is really great at helping develop specs.   He knows how to make people comfortable, even in uncomfortable situations.  Brian is who you want to handle sticky situations." - Account Executive, Elise Hamlin