Aaron Litwinowicz

Project Specialist

(330) 604.4829

Every team benefits from having a 'jack of all trades' and at e4b Aaron Litwinowicz plays that role; having a hand in everything that needs to get done in operations and doing everything he can to help provide successful client solutions.

He focuses on coordinating furniture delivery and installation and develops good relationships with manufacturers, making sure they know how to work with e4b to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.  Sometimes this involves working before offices open or after everyone has left at night.  “We have many instances where we have to coordinate during off-hours and I do all that I can to get everything done when it must be done,” he says.

Aaron doesn’t mind being an unsung hero, it is part of what it takes to match the culture of e4b. “I respect each and everyone on the team, what they do, and what they bring. Everyone is out here hustling for the team and not themselves,” he says. 

In his role, tracking, coordinating, and communicating after orders are placed are the keys to success. “I make sure members of our team have the information they need to communicate with our client and facilitate that process,” he adds.  Keeping e4b’s library stocked and current so that customers can see the variety of options they have is also his responsibility. 

Despite wearing many hats, Aaron knows his most important job is to build and maintain strong relationships with clients; always making sure client expectations are met while ensuring everything possible to develop trust.

A jack of all trades, perhaps.  But a master of many for sure. 



"What I love about Aaron is he is super tech-savvy and he puts together fantastic presentation and proposals. He is brilliant at keeping track of everyone's responsibilities, is very responsive and communicates quickly." - Account Executive, Lisa Wolf