Cara M. Petkosh

Director of Business Development

(216) 468.5951
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An experienced contract furniture project manager with more than 20 years’ experience in corporate office interior design and furnishing, Cara knows what some designers don’t learn in a lifetime -- the best customer service starts with listening. That is why Cara makes magic happen during the Discovery phase of the e4b '4D process'.

Clients love working with Cara because she knows how to add style to their spaces.  And just as importantly, she knows how to use e4b’s buying power and relationships with manufacturers to maximize their budgets while determining which products are the right fit from a quality, warranty, and functionality standpoint.

Cara focuses on commercial office, healthcare, education, and light industrial office spaces. Her Interior Design BA from Kent State University helps her understand client projects and coordinate with her internal team, the install professionals, and manufacturers to ensure seamless and superior customer service.

After designing and furnishing more than 200 corporate offices she knows what she’s talking about – even when she’s listening.



"I love working with Cara. Not only is she a wonderful person and works great with clients, she understands the furniture from a design aspect. With Cara’s design background, she is able to work closely with the design team on projects, is super easy-going, has a positive attitude, is approachable, and understands high fashion and style." – Senior Design Manager, Sara Welch