James Reed

Senior Account Executive

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To James Reed, Discussion is the most important part of the e4b ‘4D process.’ It’s what he enjoys the most. He acknowledges that there is an art to asking the right questions, and he helps his clients verbalize exactly what they need. After 25 years in the business, no question or challenge intimidates James. Listening, honesty, and support are strengths that guarantee excellent customer service and overall success.

Since graduating from Ohio University with a BBA, and making a career in contract furniture, James has helped clients from every industry. His early career included many Government clients but now his business is mostly Commercial. His largest client is a Behavioral Health sector, and he furnishes 40-50 clinics a year nationwide.

James enjoys meeting and connecting with people. He works with top architects in Cleveland for some of the biggest clients in town, recently James collaborated on a project in Cleveland’s Key Plaza using some of his favorite manufacturers - AllSteel, Gunlocke, HON and CCN to furnish two floors of private offices, conference rooms, break rooms, training rooms, common areas and a board room.

“It was a very visible project; every dealer in town wanted the job and all eyes were on it; which I am glad because they watched it progress beautifully and we proved that we deserved it.” There really isn’t anything he hasn’t seen, and he uses that experience to work smarter and provide seasoned solutions.



“James is loved by his clients. He is personable and he follows-up immediately. He is an ally and advocate for his clients, often supervising the install to make certain everything goes smoothly.”- Project Coordinator, Aaron Litwinowicz