Discover a new sitting experience. Acuity was designed in collaboration with Bruce Fifield of Milan-based Design Continuum Italia. Anything inessential has been stripped away, leaving behind only a purity of form that fits in any environment. Our objective was to build an ergonomically correct chair to instantly and comfortably fit every user regardless of body type. In essence, a chair that adapts to you, not the other way around.

AcuFit™ Ergonomics

No matter how you work, you get a comfortable sit without the need for adjustment.

  • Using your body’s weight, the chair automatically adjusts for recline, lumbar support, and open postures.
  • The mesh back mirrors the spine, providing ergonomic fit to the shoulders and lumbar simultaneously and continuously.
  • Customized, hybrid cushion ensures comfort immediately when you sit and after hours at your desk.
Intuitive Controls

The only controls, for manual fine-tuning, are simple to see, use, and understand.

  • With a touch of a fingertip you can move the seat up, down, and back and forth to fit your body.
  • A simple slide control locks, tightens, or loosens the tilt to fit your task.
More Design Choices

The Acuity work chair is available in a variety of beautiful frame finishes, with arms or without to fit your work environment and individual needs.

  • An optional slip-on jacket, available in leather and fabric, offers premium appeal in conference rooms, private offices, or boardrooms.
  • The Acuity side chair, available with arms or armless, complements the work chair so that you can outfit the entire office and a variety of applications.