Stride benching not only encourages a feeling of community through seated proximity, it makes a visual and functional statement about collaboration. Foster creativity by eliminating barriers to teamwork where free flow of information is critical. You can also allocate space for team members who spend time out of the office and need to touch down for part of the day. Stride sit-to-stand accommodates individuals who want to vary standing and sitting postures while they work, improving health and wellness and worker satisfaction. Height-adjustable surfaces can be added at any time, with the ability to mix height-adjustable and fixed-height surfaces to satisfy each team member’s needs while maintaining the same benching footprint.

Space Planning

Specify a Stride bench up to 15 feet without the need for intermediate support, with open or closed legs. Privacy can be maintained with center divider screens, available in tackable fabric, glass, and slotted to support paper management and lighting, and with lateral divider screens to help define work areas. Position toybox and pedestal storage beneath the bench or use cantilever storage to create space division.

Power Where Needed

The power and data interface is hidden beneath hinged doors while remaining easily accessible no matter where the user sits along the bench.

User Choice

Mix fixed-height and height-adjustable surfaces within the same run, either side-by-side or back-to-back, with the ability to upgrade from fixed to adjustable quickly and easily as users change and business needs evolve.

Retrofit Options

Install height-adjustable surfaces right away, or opt to retrofit fixed-height stations later. With a kit consisting of two supports, an electronic control, and wire manager, converting a fixed-height surface to a height-adjustable surface is a cost-effective way to adapt as needs change over time