As a market leader in fully integrated height-adjustable solutions, Silea maintains appeal at any elevation. Aesthetic sophistication and optimal performance harmonize in the Silea collection to create workplaces that enrich and enliven. Finishes that satisfy the senses and functionality that enables work.

Choose Wellness

For Silea, wellness supported by height-adjustability is not an add-on, but an integrated performance feature. The collection offers a variety of adjustable worksurface sizes, shapes, and styles to create applications that promote productivity and health.

Choose Style

Silea offers a range of style statements that enables the expression of diverse design personalities. From classic to contemporary, from streamlined to stately, this collection bends and blends to all your styling preferences.

Choose Sophisticated

The versatile Silea collection reflects an elite blend of performance and beauty. The convergence of distinctive design elements and an array of application possibilities make Silea the preferred choice for leadership spaces.