Voi is not your grandfather’s collection. With expressive aesthetic options, increased attention to personal storage needs, and multiple surface heights so you can change positions throughout the day. Voi is exactly what you need to tackle the new workday.

Imagine a place where open and private blend seamlessly together. Where color inspires creativity and personalization is welcomed. Offering a holistic collection of desk and storage solutions designed to work wherever work gets done, Voi lets you reimagine the workplace and unite all your spaces with a flawless blend of style and substance. So whether you like to work alone, together or all the above, Voi not only gets you—it makes it all about you.

Divide and Conquer

Good things come in small footprints. For shared spaces that bring people together while still offering privacy, Voi provides a versatile selection of worksurfaces, storage components, and convenient access to power to help go-getters stay productive.

Open for Business

Mix things up. Or make the most of what you’ve got. When it comes to maximizing space for open plan configurations, Voi just works. Integrating seamlessly with Abound® and Accelerate® workstations, Voi keeps everything out in the open and buttoned-up.