Amanda Eldridge

Project Designer

(330) 802.0583
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At e4b, Amanda specializes in Design proportion and movement. She loves creating thought-provoking designs through mediums such as color, shape, scale, and texture. "As a former fashion designer, floral designer, and current Interior Designer at e4b - design has always been a major part of my identity." Easy flow of movement and asymmetrical balance are particularly prevalent in her designs as these elements provide more modern, lively, and interesting spaces. 

When working with clients to Develop solutions, Amanda starts with an extensive Discussion and assessment of a client's space and how they need it to function. A major part of the assessment includes researching the company: what they do, their values, who they are, and their work environment. 

Her favorite projects to work on are ones that bring her the most opportunity, "I get the most enjoyment out of projects that provide opportunities for creative freedom and/or collaboration with fellow designers."

When Amanda is not at the office she is thrifting succulent art, exploring local restaurants across Cleveland, or attending concerts. Amanda is a world traveler, having traveled overseas many times to destinations such as France, Spain, Germany, Scotland, England and also South America where she has hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. Born and raised in Canada, she permanently moved to the United States in 2016. While living in Cleveland she has worked as a wine consultant, floral designer, and a design consultant at a Restoration Hardware. She loves animals and has been volunteering at local animal shelters for several years. 

Amanda has a Bachelor's in Fashion and Interior Design.