Tire & Rubber Company Global Headquarters

Akron, OH

“With its advanced technology and collaborative work environment, the new headquarters is providing our associates with great opportunities to come together as one team. There’s genuine excitement about coming to work and greater excitement about our future.”

In 2014, we furnished this brand-new Global Headquarters after our strategic partner, Welty Building Company, constructed the 639,000 SF campus.  Home to nearly 2,000 corporate and North American Tire associates, the new building is connected to the existing Innovation Center, home to over 1,000 associates, and serves as a central campus for the company in Akron. Amenities included in the new headquarters create an atmosphere of innovation honoring the company's 115-year history. The furniture incorporated in this project was chosen to align with the workplace and sustainability goals set by the client and to set a precedent for the company’s values and future development. 

The design, envisioned by architects Vocon and Gensler, incorporates unexpected and first-of-its-kind elements that bring the company’s brand and history to life. The lobby features two first-of-its-kind living vegetative walls to improve indoor air quality as well as a glass wall showcasing a sulfur graphic that spans the entire lobby. Sulfur is a primary ingredient in rubber vulcanization. Reclaimed river wood walls, from the Ohio River dating back to approximately 1898 when the company was founded, are used throughout the space.

Products were carefully selected from Allsteel, Gunlocke, and HON to synchronize with this iconic company. Products include Gunlocke Converge conference tables,  Davis side chairs, and Allsteel Acuity task chairs. One of E4B's largest projects, 24 days of non-stop delivery trucks were scheduled to accommodate the order. E4B went above and beyond to get this mega project to the finish line; requiring after-hour deliveries and installation along with bringing in more manpower.  

Included in the new Headquarters is:

  • Two atriums
  • Training Centers
  • Research Labs
  • Fully Equipped Fitness Center
  • 450-Seat Cafeteria 
  • A Goodyear company store highlight that brings the company’s history and brand to life

The design of the workplace features:

  • High Ceilings
  • Interior Glass Walls
  • Many Exterior Windows
  • Two Living Vegetative Walls which improve indoor air quality and provide visual interest